GameIS Play And Mingle Aug 2010 with Sean Kauppinen

ean Kauppinen, CEO of IDE agency who gave a talk last may at the GameIS is in Israel and we’re meeting up for drinks!

from his linked in page:

Sean Kauppinen is the founder and CEO of the International Digital Entertainment Agency. He has more than 15 years of management, strategic communications and business development expertise in the digital entertainment industry. His ability to bring companies together and provide strategic guidance has led to business growth for industry giants as well as start-ups. During this time, Kauppinen has launched more than 450 titles on all major gaming platforms, ranging from big budget blockbusters to value games, and there are also other type of games you can play and even make money like slot games which you can find in sites such as

see you there!

Oded Sharon and Guy Bendov.

אנדרואיד – מבוא חד, מהיר ועצבני

אנדרואיד – מבוא חד, מהיר ועצבני
יום שלישי 27.7 בשעה 19:30

גלריה המדרשה, דיזינגוף 34 (בין הסנטר להבימה)
האירוע הוא חינם ופתוח בפני מפתחים, נשמח לראותכם.
אנא אשרו הגעה

מערכת ההפעלה אנדרואיד היא הכוכבת העולה בשוק המכשירים החכמים.

ההבטחה הגדולה הטמונה בגישה של מערכת הפעלה פתוחה, כמו גם הרוח הגבית העצומה שניתנת לה על ידי גוגל, יוצרת את מירב הכותרות והזעזועים בשוק הסלולר העולמי. במפגש נסקור באופן מהיר ומדוייק את נושאי הליבה הקשורים לעולם האנדרואיד, במטרה לאפשר הבנה טובה של הדינאמיקה הקיימת בשוק, האפשרויות והפוטנציאל הטמון באנדרואיד. כמו כן נשוחח על מתדולוגיות הפיתוח הקיימות, בדגש על עולם המשחקים.

Quick update

Just a reminder that we will meet tonight at the Shalvata at 19:00 for some play and mingle.

More upcoming events:
Tau May 11th GameIS meetup

Beit Berl’s Mass Media on May 13th

And of course the big conference on May 25th, full schedule coming up soon, and registration is in progress:

See ya there!

GameIS Play And Mingle April 2010

כולכם מוזמנים להצטרף למפגש הבירה הדו-חודשי המסורתי של Gameis.
יש לאשר השתתפות באירוע הפייסבוק :
מיקום מדויק ימסר בהמשך

Save The Dates: upcoming GameIS 2010 events

Hey everyone,

We’ve been a little busy preparing a full line up of interesting and exciting events for the next few months, here are the “save the dates” email

April 13th 2010 GameIS TAU meetup at Shiluvim – April 2010,
discussion & lecture.

April 27th 2010 GameIS Play And Mingle (location TBA soon),
going out drinking with the devs.

May 11th 2010 GameIS TAU meetup at Shiluvim – April 2010,
discussion & lecture.

May 25th 2010 IGDA Game Day 2010 –
a full day of lectures and activities in Afeka Collage. More info coming soon.

9 November 2010 – Gameis @Contech2010
We’ll be having our annual big Games Conference a little later than usual this year and part of the Contech conference on November 9th 2010.
Save the date!

More meetup dates for June and forth will be announced shortly.

We are still looking to fill up a few lecture spots in May 25th event and looking for lecturers for the November GameIS event.
Subjects can be in any game development related subject : Design, Production, Business, Marketing, Technology and anything else game related.
Please email your talk proposals

Since this is relevant to some of you, Almog Koren from the Flash and Flex Israel user group is having an event on April 25th and asked me to pass along:

Last but not least, we’re in the process of re-launching the website.
Our plans is to have a game company catalog, game developer profiles, job seeking and offering boards, industry event list, mailing list, etc…
We would really like your feedback regarding what you would like to see in it, and your help in making it better (if you are a content editor, or graphic designer, or know wordpress or PHP, you can help!)

See ya soon!
Oded and the other guys (Guy Bendov, Guy Nesher, Yuval Sapir, etc..)

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שלום לכולם,

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