Sean Kauppinen, CEO of IDE agency who gave a talk last may at the GameIS is in Israel and we're meeting up for drinks!

on the August 25 · 9:00pm – 11:30pm at Shalvata – Tel-aviv port.

Sean Kauppinen is the founder and CEO of the International Digital Entertainment Agency. He has more than 15 years of management, strategic communications and business development expertise in the digital entertainment industry. His ability to bring companies together and provide strategic guidance has led to business growth for industry giants as well as start-ups. During this time, Kauppinen has launched more than 450 titles on all major gaming platforms, ranging from big budget blockbusters to value games.

see you there!

IGDA Game Day 2010 Update

Hey everyone,

I wanted to remind you that next week, Tuesday May 25th we are having a full day of lectures, activities, awards, and networking at the 2010 IGDA game day. The event is taking place in Afeka collage, Tel-aviv.

The event includes numerous lectures from both Israeli and international speakers.This is your chance to interact with fellow developers, meet the players, see what the Israeli game companies are up to, and most of all – have fun while doing that, since there are many types of games being developed like adventure or even slot games to make money which you can find in sites like and many others.

Registration is ending soon, and there won’t be any registration on site, so register today to ensure your place among the hundreds of other game developers in our industry. So, register today.

Please go to the event’s website for full details.;

I would also like to thank our sponsors for their generous support:

Corbomite Games, Sidekick, Comfy, Oberon Media, Lucid, Game Ground, Playcast, Funtactix, Prime sense, and Tacticsoft.

Sponsored by :

Corbomite GamesComfyOberon media





IGDA 2010 limited time ticket discount

Sign up to Game Day (iGDA 2010) on May 25th (FiftyFifty coupon is still on until tomorrow);

May 11th at Tau Shiluvim

I wanted to tell you that this week we will have mostly demos in our GameIS event and no lecture.
Check out the event for details, and write me if you want to demo something as well!

Beit Berl Mass Media IV on Thursday:

מחר ה-13/04/2009 GameIs באוניברסיטת תל-אביב

שלום לחברי מפתחי המשחקים!

רציתי להזכיר שמחר נפגשים באוניברסיטת ת”א לדיון ולאחר מכן קצת צריכת אלכוהול.
אני מחכה לתשובה סופית ממרצה אורח מחול דרך האינטרנט שייתתף איתנו בדיון, אם זה יצא לפועל אני אשלח הודעה נוספת מאוחר יותר

אם למישהוא יש משהו, כמו משחק או רעיון לשתף אותנו בו, אתם מוזמנים להביא את זה איתכם ולהציג. (כ5 עד 10 דקות)

18:00 התכנסות
19:00 הכרויות של הנוכחים ודיון בנושאים שונים
20:00 הרצאת אורח מחו”ל בווידאו
21:00 הולכים לשתות בפאב ראש פינה

חדר 206
בניין וולפסון להנדסה

נתראה מחר!

פרטים מלאים באירוע:

Tomorrow 13/04/2010: GameIS at TAU

Hey fellow gamedevs!

I wanted to remind you that we are meeting tomorrow at Tel Aviv University for some discussions followed by some consumption of alcohol.
We are still waiting for a final word from a guest speaker we have from the US and i’ll send another note later if he’ll actually speak.
If anyone have a topic of discussion, or wants to show or present something, like their game or ideas shortly (in 5-10 minutes)
feel free to bring it with you.

18:00 gathering
19:00 Introductions around the room and some discussions
20:00 Lecture by Dave Gilbert  (Webcasted from USA)
21:00 going to drink in Rosh Pina pub.
As promised, here is the info about today’s lecture at GameIS TAU meet up. I think we managed to find a great subject for all of us garage game developers, and speak to one successful individual who makes a living out of making indie games.

Due to popular demand by you, Dave Gilbert, CEO of Wadjet Eye Games, will speak about running an indie game studio on a shoestring.

Dave Gilbert has been interested in adventure games ever since 1986, when his mother made the mistake of buying him a copy of Infocom’s Wishbringer. Fifteen years later, he took his first dip into game creation in when he discovered the Reality on the Norm Project and wrote his first short game. Since then, he has authored over six successful freeware games, including 2004’s award-winning Two of a Kind.
In 2006 he turned his hobby into a fulltime career when he founded Wadjet Eye Games and published his first commercial title, The Shivah. The company was soon nominated for a “Best New Studio” Game Developers Choice award and was also voted by Gamasutra as one of the top twenty breakthrough developers of 2008. Currently on its roster are three games in the Blackwell series as well as the upcoming Puzzle Bots.

Room 206, Wolfson Building for Engineering, Tel Aviv University

See ya tomorrow !

full details at the event:

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